RURAL TOURISM COUNTRY HOTEL EXPANSION PROJECT A Four-Star Country Hotel set in the hills above Tavira     Creed: A Platform Promoting the Integration of all Nationalities, focusing on a healthy mind and a Healthy Body
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Our New Hotel in Fonte do Bispo

The Four Star-Hotel in Fonte do Bispo is nearly complete. Our theme is A Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body on a Platform that encourages the Interaction of People of Different Nationalities.

We will be bringing tourists, money and jobs into the area, helping to spread the wealth into the community.

We are working with the assistance of CMTavira to negotiate our way through the maze of regulations involved and with the full support of the PENT Steering Committee, we will provide an innovative solution to updating the facilities and services offered by our hotel. PENT is the ten-year Plan for making Portugal a world-class tourist destination.

From PENT: It is fundamental to intervene in terms of enriching the offer, developing and innovating Portuguese traditional content that constitute factors of tourism differentiation. In this manner, moments from Portuguese history, culture, literature, music or other aspects will be shared with the tourist, in function of the specific context. Elements of the cultural offer are also intended to be developed and adapted in order to deliver distinctive experiences to the tourist, improving the marketing of cultural assets - ensuring the suitability of opening hours and integrating the offer – strengthening the concept of the richness of Portuguese gastronomy via the creation of key local dishes.

We comply with the PENT Program in the following fields:

1. We have a Health & Wellness centre in the form of a Spa, Treatment Rooms & Gymnasium.

2. A Restaurant and will be promoting gastronomy and wines from the region.

3. A Banquet Hall will host weddings, parties and local sports and hobby club sessions.

4. A Seminar Centre and a small Business Centre.

5. A Heritage Centre to provide an introduction to Portugal’s History and Heritage and to also promote local museums.

6. According to PENT, it is fundamental to develop alternative "non-beach" activities in the Algarve, of which we provide many options, including craft centers in which local artisans teach their traditional skills to foreigners.

7. Integrated Resorts are important for the development of tourism (away from the beaches).

8. We aim to reduce seasonality by offering sports and entertainment throughout the year.

9. We will be affiliated with international clubs for Lawn Green Bowls and Croquet, raising our profile with foreign clubs and promoting low season holidays (when play is prevented by bad weather in the UK and northern Europe.

10. We will be hosting regular events for inclusion in the local events calendar as proposed by QREN and promoted in the CMTavira magazine.

The basis of our design is the PENT requirement for INTEGRATED RESORTS with multiple activities. This means that people who come out to the country hotel should have all the advantages and facilities provided to the beach-front hotels, restaurants and bars, within the hotel confines.

To meet this requirement, we plan to have a restaurant with cabaret in the afternoon and evening, an event hall with regular live music and an external amphitheatre for hosting heritage, cultural and musical events throughout the year, giving low season visitors access to Fado, Folk Dancing and local musicians.

In our country hotel, we have the facilities to have musical events in the enclosed halls, but we also have the facility for providing musical entertainment in the afternoon and early evening. We are not promoting open-air discotheques, but we would encourage country style dancing to accordion or Spanish guitar music.

The PENT Program implies that it is incumbent on the central and local administrations to comply with their recommendations in a number of initiatives:

1. Simplification of the process of State-Company relations (single point of contact)

2. Strengthening of the efficiency and transparency of licensing process

3. Development and fostering the adoption of innovative practices by companies

4. Promotion of quality throughout the "moments of truth" (interaction with the tourist)

5. Increase the receptivity of the local population to initiatives within the framework of tourism - Regarding communication with the general public, the objective is to develop a national tourism culture, in particular reinforcing the components of hospitality by the local population. For this purpose, it is necessary to demonstrate tourism's importance for the national economy and its positive effects on the quality of life of local populations (urban planning and environment). An example would be the promotion of awareness initiatives in schools.

Construction (Scroll down for image overview)

Reception, Spa Centre and Management Block

Restaurant and Banquet Hall

Hotel Block with 32 rooms

Recreation Area with Amphitheatre

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Update: Only 32 positions remaining as of 4th December 2017

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