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One of my parents is now alone and still very active but finds the winter months too cold and does not want to move into a home or sheltered accommodation.  Click for more»»

I am an artist & instructor in many art forms but I have been forced to retire. I am independent but I would prefer to immerse myself in an art & craft centred environment. I would like to have free use of art & craft studios where I could work and also teach others my skills and make a bit of money for myself.  Click for more»»          

I think the above examples make for a good investment; I want to be an owner and to be able to use the cottage myself if I want to and also receive and income exceeding 5% per annum without personal commitment.  

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I’m retired and looking for a new home in the sun. I want to free up my time and be independent in my activities - but I don’t want to be alone.

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More than Accommodation

Surround yourself with friends, yet have your own privacy and comfort with help on hand 24 hours a day - 300 days of sunshine in the Algarve

Our Offer to You or Your Loved One

We are building a *4* Hotel in the delightful Algarve countryside, yet only three and a half hours drive from Gibraltar and Ten Minutes from Tavira. The Hotel is sponsored by the EU and as part of this scheme we are offering six two-room ground floor, charming Algarve cottages, which form part of our original complex.

● The cottages will be offered to guests, who are over 50, and on a 10 year contract basis, the cost of which is 120.000 Euros which is 100% refunded in total if you are hospitalised or if you become dependent on medical supervision. You will have a choice of decoration and furniture, included in the lease package which includes use of the many facilities provided by the Hotel at greatly reduces rates, or in many cases “totally free”

● Your family will be able to come and stay in the *4*Hotel, to visit you, at preferential rates. If you go to the UK or elsewhere during the high season, we will let your cottage on your behalf.

● Our cottages and Hotel are being built with fitness and well-being in mind, with a wealth of art and craft packages included, from keep fit, dancing, art classes, bridge, etc. We will occupy you all day long if you decide to purchase one of our cottage packages; or if you just want to chill out and chat and make new friends, you can do that too. “You will never be lonely and help will always be on hand in an emergency”

● If you lease one of our six cottages and you wish to cancel your lease after two years due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund your full 120.000 Euros, less a small administration fee. If you wish to transfer your lease to a friend or family member, within the 10 years, a small administration fee, will apply.

● What we are offering is not an elderly facility, “but a totally unique concept” “of well-being and craft orientated, caring facility”your home will be part of the Hotel, yet very slightly apart; you have a full use of all the hotels facilities, including three swimming pools. You will able to eat at the Bistro, 24 hours a day, at a very small cost, or if you wish to have a real treat, then you can eat in our *4* Restaurant.

● If you need any more information or you need to discuss your needs, ring Gillian or Richard (owners) on 00351 281 971 484, or come and see us. See for yourself in person how we can help you. Please visit:

A solution for you or for a loved one. This is not a care home, soulless retirement village or boxed in assisted living apartment; here you will find an activity based hotel, focusing on a healthy mind and healthy body in which you will mix with people of all nationalities day after day, learning new arts and crafts and joining in the sports and other activities

Above all, the Hotel is Art & Craft oriented and will have lessons including painting, drawing, mosaic, dancing, yoga, language and many different handicrafts.

There is a dedicated Quilting  Studio for the enthusiasts with lessons from beginner to expert and a music recording studio.

You will be members of all the societies at privileged prices.

On site there is a Four Star Restaurant, a Spa Centre with heated pool, a Dance Hall with public functions the Bistro which is open to you 18 hours a day.  Click for more»»

To arrange an inspection visit, request a printed brochure or to review the terms and conditions, please text your details to: 00351 966006436

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Quinta da Fonte do Bispo

EN270, CXP797A

Fonte do Bispo, Tavira

Faro 8800-161


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