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Artwork - develop a variety of skills

Sketching, etching, drawing, oil painting, water colours and virtually any art form you can imagine can be found here.


Local artist Terry has had a thriving Art Group here for several years, teaching art using any medium and the mosaic club attracts a great deal of enthusiasm.  

Art lessons can be held on site or in various outdoor locations, given the wonderful climate here in the Algarve.


Authors and Journalists can thrive in this environment, meeting new people every day, yet being able to withdraw to their own cottage when they need to.  Of course one major advantage is that there is no driving home after an evening in the bar!

Teach or learn a new craft

Sell your work in the Hotel Shop

Your cottage is your fully serviced office, with Bistro adjacent and Four Star Restaurant, Boardroom and Seminar Centre for your use.

Our hotel shop will be available for you to offer your work to the public for sale and our restaurant and reception hall will be available for you to display your work (with a price tag if you wish!)

Brush up your Skills

We have visiting instructors from the local population who teach various disciplines, both physical and mental, such as Languages, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Line Dancing, Latin-American Dancing, African Drumming, Ballroom Dancing, fire-walking, pop choir and recording studio techniques.

There is a demand for this kind of skill instruction in the area and we have local clubs for all the above who will be happy to bring their clubs to our facilities for you entertainment, participation or edification.

Dinner Dances Lessons

Craftwork - all the crafts you promised yourself you would try. Make it a reality!

We have artisans who hold lessons in a variety of crafts such as mosaics, tile painting, oil/water colour painting, pottery, pencil sketching, and others, and we are very keen to add to or supplement this list.

Our craft studios are available for your personal use and for use in teaching other people, both resident and non-resident.

International groups

For each of the crafts, we tend to have a group of local residents of various nationalities who meet on a regular basis, forming a friendly club and this is supplemented by temporary hotel residents and day visitors from all over the East Algarve and even across the border, from Spain.

Your time is your own

Craft Studios

You may use the craft studios free of charge for your own use or for teaching others, but of course, if you take lessons, you will probably have to pay a small charge to the instructor.

Patchwork Quilting

Gillian has been teaching patchwork quilting here for seven years now and we have an active group of ladies who enjoy sharing their needlecraft skills.  Our dedicated quilting studio with nine work-stations.  Whether you have lessons and work within groups, or “do your own thing” the facilities are here.

We have an on-site fabric store with a nice selection of cotton prints and a good selection of quilter’s tools for sale.

Bring your own ideas and we will do our best to make them a reality.

Bring your Patchwork Quilting

The Bistro

Just yards from your cottage is the Bistro that is open 18 hours a day.  It provides breakfast (€5) lunch (€7) and dinner (€8) menus for residents every day.

As a resident, you would be able to invite your guests into the Bistro for private clubs such as Bridge, Canasta, Chess or dominos.

If your club grows too large or requires more space, we can arrange for other venues on site that give you privacy.

Join your friends in the Bistro

Regular Bridge & table games

Sports Facilities

We have on site sports facilities including Pitanke (boules), a Croquet Lawn, a Crown Green Bowls Lawn, Four Golf Driving Nets, a Mini Gym, an indoor flat bowls kit (for high summer) and a volleyball court.

Our intention is to have an in-house team for the competitive sports and we will invite/challenge other teams, national and international, throughout the year.

Teams will be run by members and the only charge will be maintenance fees.

Crown Green Bowls Lawn

Challenge trophies will be provided and accommodation for opposing teams will be provided at the best discount available at the time, or as a package deal.

The Spa Centre

For training and gentle exercise, plus of course any remedial treatment, the spa centre is at your disposal. You will have free use of the pool, sauna and Turkish bath and your guests will be offered package deals that include these facilities.

There are four treatment rooms in the spa centre with a variety of massages and therapies available at a discount.

Croquet, tennis, volleyball & much more

The Social Scene

The Social Scene extends throughout the day, as described above, well into the evening when we will hold regular Dinner and Dance functions, with guest artists and musicians for your entertainment.

The Bistro

In the evening, after dinner, the Bistro will revert to a Cocktail Bar for residents and their special guests only.

The Banquet Hall

will hold regular functions and if they are run by the hotel, then residents will either be free of charge or at a discount to pay for the entertainers.  We have held film nights, medieval nights, sixties nights and we have held stage shows and fashion displays.

The Restaurant

When the restaurant closes at 10pm, it reverts to being a cocktail bar with live musical entertainment and dancing.

It will be open to non-hotel-residents and is not restricted to restaurant users. You may use this facility any and every evening if you wish.

It has an international flavour and attracts diners from all the local restaurants and people from Faro right across to the Spanish border come, knowing that they will find good company, romantic music and a very inviting ambience.

Within the hotel people who met across the volleyball court or were on the same bowls team or just met casually, will meet again and bonding will take place.  People will make friends for life and plan together for the future.

Regular Dinner Dances

Bistro becomes Cocktail bar

Business Hub

Entrepreneurial residents can run their businesses from here, given a captive audience; with discounted room-rates, they could have all their clients here on site with a very attractive package deal:


Bird watchers

Cycling/Hiking/Fishing tours

Golf tours

Crown green bowls (on site)

Croquet (on site)

Music Recording Studio

Our music recording studio is available for your personal use, to give lessons or to work with residents and local people on joint projects. Richard can tech you how to use the equipment and let your talent loose.

Here is a sample recording made in our studio entirely.  It is a quite radical version of a popular song.

Make your own CD recordings

Learn, teach, participate or just watch - it’s your choice!

Text me for more:

00351 966 006 436


Please visit: for a further selection of on-site recordings.

 It’s Your Choice - make it a reality:

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